Are you interested in helping continue the mission of Music South?

Become a board member, or serve on a Music South sub-committee.



Music South is looking to expand its Board of Directors and add new Board members. Please think about becoming an active member, or recommend someone whom you feel has an interst in music and helping our community, such as a friend or collegue, a family member, or someone new in town.


Board Members

President – Janie Hinson

Vice President – Peggy Nero

Secretary – Cynthia Craven

Treasurer – Jay Newsome

Teresa Dauphin

Alyson Newsome

Patsy Davis

Pamela Ross

Ginger Holmes

Pam Shirah

Lourie Johnson

Bridgette H. Simmons

Pam Mallory

Susie Walthaus



*Marilyn Bishop

*Connie & Lamar Miller

*Kathryn Foster





*Board Member Emeritus


Please call us at 334-699-8542 if you are interested in being on the board.